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"(Composed by L. Sloan), Performed by Danny Breda,  Djembe by Ido Ziv, Snare by Dwayne K.




"(On the Turning Away/Kilt Rock/The Red Fox)Performed by Danny Breda, Djembe by Ido Ziv, Snare by Dwayne K.  (On the Turning Away composed by David Gilmour

Piper Danny

" Being a bagpiper is not just a hobby for me, but a passion."

Danny has been playing the highland bagpipes for over 20 years. In a field where far too many people believe all they have to do is put on the uniform and that makes them pipers, Danny has done the work to make himself a true master of the instrument and professional performer. He truly has and understands the passion for feeling the music as well as playing it.

Danny's playing resume extends from many events with band members, to public and private events as a solo performer, that have created memories that last forever. Furthermore, Danny is also an honor guard member for the South Metro Fire Rescue Honor Guard as a piper.

Some of the highly recognizable events and bands are:

  • A concert series with the Jefferson County Symphony in Colorado

  • A halftime show for the Denver Broncos 

  • Performances for the Colorado Avalanche and Denver Nuggets 

  • Mile Highlanders

  • No Good Reason, the rock band from Aurora, CO

In addition, to his events, Danny has played on local radio and has also played from Scotland to Ireland and Los Angeles, Ca., to Arlington, Va., where his services were recently requested for a military service.

Without the music a Wedding, Party or Event would seem pretty empty. Musicians lend an air of class and elegance to the event and will keep the guests entertained all night long. Bagpipes have added a special touch to important events for hundreds of years. They bring their own sound to celebrate life and joy or mourn loss and remembrance. For those seeking music that will leave guests breathless and in awe, they need look no further than a piper. Bagpipes at an event create an air of excitement unmatched by other musical instruments. Think about it, a live Musician to perform their own rendition of a guest’s favorite song or perhaps the Bride and Groom themselves have a special request for the Wedding Music, nothing is more special than music performed live. The same goes for other types of special events, live Event Music, such as Birthday Music, or Party Music will keep the crowd coming back for more all night long.

With Danny it's reassuring to know that you've chosen a performer who has the personality, passion & creativity to make your event especially unique.

"You made our wedding complete!"

~Heather Durston

"You brought that one special touch

that everyone dreams of on their wedding day!"

~Michelle Sample

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